Why is it very hard to find good female artists. And why we need to fight the oversexualization of everything that we have in our society

Let me put the examples first: An actual artist, Elliott Smith, male, you know people in his concerts are there for the music: https://youtu.be/NFOavi5m0vE

And here you have a female “artist”, Katy Perry: https://youtu.be/hIP6sZaqsbM

Is this supposed to be a female artist? No, there’s clearly a sexual undertone here, the music isn’t the primary reason to be in that concert. Not because she’s a woman, but because the way she’s behaving. I find this so unnecessary and it angers me. Either make porn or be an artist, but these people mixing it all up. And worse, the standard for female artists is to also be sexual, that’s disgusting. And society doesn’t even care

The difference is obvious in the lyrics as well, it’s not just the clothes and behavior, the whole thing is different.

And I think the closest thing to that happens im males is boy bands like one direction or pseudoartists like justin bieber, what they sell isn’t music but the sexual undertone, it’s just more subtle becauss it’s targeted for teen girls.

I don’t think even when the Red Hot Chili Peppers got naked on stage is similar, yes there was nudity and their lyrics can be about sex sometimes, but the purpose it’s not to get people horny. They’re artists, Katy Perry isn’t.

I think this phenomenon is hurting all of us, oversexualizing women, to the point where I know zero women that wouldn’t use make up and high heels and show a ton of flesh on a formal party, we’re in a very bad situation.

Not as bad as what muslims do with the burqa, that’s a worse solution for the problem of women. But this is also wrong.

And lastly, of course I know some good female artists, Fiona Apple is one of them. But even she suffers from unnecessary sexual undertones. It’s not just in music or art, it’s everywhere, women have to be sexy all the time, for everyone, it’s disgusting

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