My thoughts, and personal feelings, on Hugo, 2011 by Martin Scorcese and Sacha Baron Cohen – Masterpiece!

My god! What a fantastic movie, a true film if it ever existed one.

It felt very personal, I wasn’t sure if I was crying for the movie or I was emotional because of memories about my ex, nostalgia about my own youth and feelings of loneliness, waste and guilt. Thanks to mindfulness they all came and went, and perhaps the sadness from what happened with my ex will always be there in my memory and world, but it won’t bother me and remove my vitality any longer. I can see, I’m open to the world and its beauty and it will hold any sadness that can possibly come about.

The little boy actor was spectacular, and I was never sure if I was crying until there was no doubt in his big scene, that explosive moment where he has the android and Sacha Baron Cohen’s character is taking him out right after almost colliding with the train, and the boy starts crying. It showed me what good acting is all about, it really mattered how he acted, it touched me deeply and I had tears galore.

The girl wasn’t as good sometimes, but still very impressive, she captured the feeling of awe and adventure, beautiful.

And the part about purpose and broken machines, blessed god and holy Mary, what was that! It looked like it came straight from a Sam Harris’ book, it was so deep, intellectual and wise. Just that scene alone makes the whole movie be a masterpiece.

It made me feel like a broken machine, longing for love and a family, but I’m missing the piece, the heart that a girl has and can make me function.

But the movie in spite of his good feelings, it’s not shy of sadness and the tragic nature of human lives, it just celebrates more the good side, because by all accounts it is winning!

It felt like it came at the very best moment it could, because my friend and I were discussing many people don’t appreciate humans enough and how they overrate nature, especially people that are kind of hippie. This movie is really a love letter to Paris and to all human beings and our beauty and love and technological and artistic progress. It really captures what’s so great about human and civilization and it shows our bad nature as something totally unacceptable with war and death and perhaps aging.

Sacha Baron Cohen as the station inspector was out of this world, and it totally fit the movie, he brought that comedic timing and personality of his, that Borat feeling to it, which made all the difference in the world, and it reminded you that in spite of sadness, comedy also exists is available at all times. And oh my god! How progress fixed his leg and made him a new man, glorious!

The movies that were presented whether real or not felt better because I am already such a big David Lynch fan, the master of dreams, and that quote and message of movies allowing us to dream together was just so beautiful.

A big part of the movie is not fighting the past, but accepting it, even if it’s painful as Papa did eventually with his movies.

I’ve always felt that we lived in a metal machine and I thought that was ugly I would rather trees I thought, but in reality I was brainwashed into thinking that, this movie made me appreciate living in a house, walking down my elevator and feeling it’s mechanical work, appreciating and feeling thankful for our progress, and electric light (before I would hate it, since I had an alarmist view on climate change), and I don’t even want natural trees, I want pruned bushes with the most beautiful colors. I want humans and humanity, not nature.

 From the first sequence this movie reminded of Kingdom hearts, which is very dear to me, and only the best things with top quality remind me of it, and especially when the heart key appeared it was overwhelming!

It also reminded me of Amelie, the music especially, perhaps that’s just French music or the composer was like that, plus it felt great to find gnossienne being played in the movie.

Most of the times when I finish a good film it makes me scream “wow” but this one actually made me feel euphoric and high five my best friend as hard as I could while screaming!

There are more things I could say about the film, if I had a bit more time, but I hope the basic consensus is expressed already.

It also reminded me a bit of Call Me By Your Name, I expected more of the statues, which were totally fascinating even with the small role they had.

This is a love letter to Europe and progress and it should unite us all, in times where we actually need it, and we only hear of France in the news for the wrong reasons. Reason and progress and our values culminated in this movie, we must keep going on and filling the world and the universe with artificial, beautiful, lights and projections!

Hugo, I love you!

And to think Martin Scorcese, who may have just become my favorite director, was able to do Taxi Driver, Goodfellas, The Aviator, the Irishman, the Wolf of Wall Street, and also this masterpiece, WOW. I truly love you Martin!

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