Three Colors: Blue

Just looking at the film synopsis and knowing that it was a French, highly acclaimed movie, I expected a lot from it, and it wasn’t merciful, if I wanted to feel something, this gave me all I needed and more.

What is up with French cinema? It’s like they can’t fail, I started my journey through French movies way before I had seen a good movie and before I listened to French or knew English, when I would just watch the Spanish dubbed version. Maybe the were just two, Yamakasi, a truly horrible movie, and the not so horrible, but not so great, Banlieu 13.

But ever since I got serious in cinema, every French movie I see has touched me, La Vie d’Adele, Amelie, to a lesser extent, but still powerful enough, Rosetta, Hugo, which counts to me as a French movie in a way, especially the music although I’m not truly sure about that. And now Three Colors: Blue, a masterpiece.

I am truly happy that this film doesn’t revolve about gangsters, police, drugs, or psycopathy. Not touching any of those boxes is already refreshing.

From the first scene you see that something horrible will happen to this beautiful family, the chaos of the car accident is perfectly captured by the juxtaposition of the young guy playing with his kendama. He runs to save them or help them in any way he can, and the empathy you see on that boy may be important, it was to me at least, I’m tired like I said of psycopaths and movies about the darkest of human emotions, it’s refreshing to see such a pure act of kindness and empathy from a character that isn’t meant to convery too much. But it does, you can see from just that initial scenes something at the core of this movie, the marvelousness of human beings, that in spite of living in such a caothic universe, that would destroy sucha beautiful family, we’re able to be compassionate, to create music, to overcome and create.

The only survivor mom wants to kill herself at the hospital but she doesn’t do it and immediately apologizes to the nurse that realized she was attempting it, again you can see kindness from this nurse, she didn’t get angry at her, becuase obviously she realized that the mom was in a fragile state and needed hugs not screams.

Already the cinematic quality is exquisite, when you see the doctor living in her eye while talking to her, that’s fascinating and not very used.

The music was out of this world and I cannot wait to check the composer and listen to them over and over again. Those scenes where the hand or a finger is showing you the notes as they’re played gave me chills. It’s not always true that good music in films automatically qualifies them as good, there are examples like Casper, a horrible movie with a truly captivating soundtrack, but usually it’s a good sign, and it was so here.

I must say, that it’s been weird that Rosetta’s actress reminded me so much to Adele, and that this actress reminded me so much to Amelie, are all French people so similar?

Her haircut, her clothes, everything looked amazing, it wasn’t overly sexualized, she’s a female character that I can relate as much as a male character, and that doesn’t happen all the time. I couldn’t imagine her wearing make up. And by the way, that reminds me of a scene where a really old lady, whose body is asking for some Earth, was recycling a glass bottle wearing high heels, which is completely retarded. Are there really old women wearing high heels like she did? That’s so hazardous, why would you do it? But I tend to think it was probably just for the movie.

That sex scene that isn’t prude, becaus you can see she’s not wearing a bra, but it doesn’t really show anything, was perfect. It felt like a very healthy portrayal of sex, even though it was a weird situation. I was surprised that this movie didn’t portray women as objects in any way, shape or form. He was the one being used for sex, if anything.

Although later on, as I expected, you see that not all people have a healthy relationship with their sexuality, with the prostitute that goes to a strip club and has to dance for her father. It was beautiful that Julie supported her, but it was really sad seeing her life and how different their lives were.

The dreamy scenes were hard to tell, that made it feel psychedelic. Day dreaming scenes really.

There was no single frame of horror throughout the movie even though it touches one of the darkest and most horrible things that can happen to a person, and for that I’m grateful, horror seems cheap and not so good, not even in Mulholland drive I can admire it that much.

That flute scene melted me away, from the first moment it appeared and I heard that sound, I don’t think my recorder could possibly sound like that, but I’ll figure out if that’s the case, becuase it was astonishing and I need to learn that melody if it’s possible.

The rat and cat scenes were very interesting, although it’s hard to describe why, so I won’t bother.

It was really weird, but not in a bad way that some scenes would cut to black and come back up, without an obvious reason, similarly it was weird why certain scenes had so much blue in them and especially that blue lamp.

I could sense, although this could be wrong, that red simbolized something bad, because it only appeared on the strip club, maybe blue is purity and beauty, even lost, hurtful beauty, and red is the opposite, vices.

I couldn’t believe his husband cheated on her, although that woman, or well the actress was stunning.. Me with my dark mind I thought she wanted to hurt her, especially after learning that she was pregnant, the last residue from her lost husband. But to my total, shocking surprise, not only she wasn’t mad, even though she’s clearly sad, she gave her his house.

I can’t talk about that scene long enough, the fact that she would do the opposite of what most people would, that she realized even though it was wrong that they weren’t really guilty, she did the best thing she could with the situation. Even his mistress asked her “do you hate me?” and she said no, like honestly, she didn’t have the time or lack of wisdom for it.

It was a beautiful moment in the movie and a beautiful philosophy although it seems very hard to carry on, but certainly it’s the ideal.

The movie felt very European, very Western, the Cross necklaces, the boy that wouldn’t still, giving him the necklace just for his trouble of bringing it back. Beautiful portrayal of European morality, another example of that morality would be with the scene where the paper shop woman copied the sheets because music is too beautiful to be thrown like that.

I’m not sure I get the ending, but I don’t care too much, the experience was amazing, what a ride, what an experience, it made me feel so happy to be human, so lucky to have been watching this masterpiece and so excited because this movie is kind of old already, this was created decades ago, the world has improved since and will continue to do so. It made me feel good for humanity.

And lastly, but defintiely not the least, the humor, it doesn’t have a lot, but what it has is gold, try coughing when I prescribe a laxative, it’s so crude, so childish and yet so good. Her acting was also perfect in that scene

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